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Previous Events

12/20 Holiday Party at Hunan Taste

Thank you for spending your holiday with us!

9/20 Cafe Azzurro Investment Seminar

You'll learn:

  • How to manage investment risk during periods of economic and international uncertainty.
  • Strategies to help generate income in a low interest rate environment.
  • How to create a "game plan" for your financial independence.
  • How to manage our money in a "down market" for long-term growth.
  • Why most investors continually lag the market and how to potentially avoid their mistake.
  • Where to consider investing cash today....and why.
  • How to balance risk and reward in determining asset allocation.
  • How to use portfolio diversification to potential increase returns and reduce risk.
  • Steps you can take TODAY to help preserve the wealth you've built over your lifetime.

In this time of fiscal and market uncertainty, decisions made today have the potential to have a major
impact on your future financial security.
That's why we invite you to attend this educational event.

Thank you for attending!